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Donalyn Allen, speech-language pathologist and co-owner of Evolve Bloom & Therapy, is a believer, writer, and creator. As a speech-language pathologist, Donalyn supports children and adults with communication disorders and their families. She’s found her passions in helping others reach their full potential through therapy, destigmatizing mental health and therapy misconceptions, and creating representative products for underserved communities. Her interests include cultural/linguistic diversity, language development, and neurological impacts of trauma.​


In addition, Donalyn combined her passions for travel and her work to create a community, Travel Therapists of Color, to uplift and connect with fellow clinicians who have chosen to embark on the journey of travel therapy and make a positive change in the world. She has worked in Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Internationally, Donalyn has volunteered with non-profit organizations in Zambia, Uganda, and Peru.


Donalyn uses her testimony as a survivor of suicide loss and the experiences of early parental loss to advocate for mental health and help empower others, both at work and in her personal life. Journaling has always been a practice of self-expression for Donalyn throughout life’s challenges and ongoing healing, so it inspired her to create journals of her own to encourage others on their own personal and spiritual paths. Donalyn’s innate love for writing, creating, and helping others is what allows her to share her God-given gifts with others in many shapes and forms. 


My SLP Journey

Learn more about Donalyn's professional journey as a speech-language pathologist.

Creating Community

Donalyn has built a support system with fellow travel therapists to create a safe space to share their experiences.

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